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Kid exonerated for posting 'terroristic' rap lyrics on Facebook

An interesting case recently came up in Massachusetts in which the criminal charges brought against an 18-year-old aspiring rapper have been found to violate his First Amendment rights. While the case didn't take place here in Alabama, the implications are pretty far-reaching. With the government and law enforcement increasingly coming down hard on the side of security from terrorism versus citizens' civil rights, here is one case in which citizens -- in the form of a grand jury -- decided otherwise.

For new citizen DNA database, what counts as a 'serious' crime?

Technically, DNA databases aren't new. Right now, 26 states including Alabama have DNA databases, and federal agencies have had them for years. Last year, the Obama Administration passed the Katie Sepich Enhanced DNA Collection Act, which gives states grants to build genetic databases or participate in a nationwide version.

Alleged 'bulldozer rampage' brings deadly-weapon burglary charges

Did you know that a criminal charge exists called burglary with a deadly weapon? It's true -- here in Alabama, the offense is just part of our statute against burglary. Essentially, burglary is defined as unlawfully entering a building with the intent to commit a felony, and Alabama, like many states, ups the ante if the person is "armed with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument."

17-year-old Birmingham man charged with murder after March shooting

In March, a 15-year-old Birmingham teenager was killed in Railroad Park. Just recently, police arrested a 17-year-old man for his alleged involvement in the shooting and charged him with murder. Police aren't saying specifically what led them to the 17-year-old man. However, they did note that the teenager was arrested peacefully at his place of employment around 5:15 p.m.

Police charge Birmingham man after recent stabbing death

When someone is charged with a serious crime, people may assume that they are guilty. However, there are often many complex aspects to a case. Much must be done before an individual can be convicted of a crime.

Death penalty a form of punishment in Alabama and 32 other states

Last week, we wrote about two Alabama men who were recently charged with capital murder. Authorities claim the men killed a man last July by beating him to death and then throwing his body in the Warrior River. If convicted, the two could be sentenced to death.

Authorities claim Alabama men were involved in July 2012 beating death

It can be difficult to hear about serious violent crimes. People often want swift justice for the victims. However, even people who are charged with some of the most serious crimes have rights. It is important that those rights are upheld in every criminal case.

Alabama men will be treated as adults in attempted murder case

In Alabama, sentencing cannot exceed three years for those who are granted youthful offender status. Two 20-year-old men recently requested that they be granted youthful offender status. However, a judge denied the request.

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